2023 Annual Report | Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Investing in Bright Futures | Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver’s Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, we envision a bright future for every kid and teen in our community. A future where all kids will have the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential hasn't just been our vision, it has been our relentless pursuit. Throughout fiscal year 2023, we worked hard to expand our reach, continued to develop and provide high-quality programs, remained sound financial stewards, and ensured that our team is just as exceptional as the kids we serve.  

This year we expanded into new neighborhoods across the city by adding seven new Boys & Girls Clubs, bringing our total to 25 across Metro Denver. During fiscal year 2023, we also grew our reach by serving more than 28,000 kids and teens through our programs and services. We’ve collaborated with innovative partners, continued to develop our award-winning Mental Health team, and piloted new literacy programs that will meet our Club members wherever they are academically. Equally important is our investment in the incredible team that drives our work. Every day, our staff brings their time and talent in service of the kids and teens who will grow into our future leaders.  

As we celebrate these achievements, we recognize that none of them would be possible without our Board of Directors, dedicated donors, volunteers, and committed community partners. Your belief in our mission and your willingness to support the potential of every child makes a lasting impact on the future of Metro Denver.  

We invite you to peruse the full Annual Report to learn more about our successes last year and as we look toward supporting the bright futures of the leaders of tomorrow!