Our Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver is one of the largest youth-development organizations in Colorado, providing comprehensive after school and summer programming five days a week to thousands of kids a year across 25 Club locations. At the Club, kids participate in fun and educationally-enriching activities in safe spaces where they grow and develop through social-emotional learning (SEL), healthy relationships with peers, mentors, and trusted adults, and learn how to make healthy choices. 

Key Program Outcome Areas


We empower youth through innovative academic-support programs. Fun and engaging literacy and STEM activities are designed to equip Club members with essential academic skills – fostering a love for learning and paving the way for successful futures. Our academic programs meet Club kids where they are. All Clubs are equipped with age-appropriate reading programs and tools, including MyOn, Accelerated Reader, and Lalilo. Members are also exposed to STEM topics through consistent Club programming and opportunities provided by community partners. 

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of eligible seniors graduated from high school*



Our member-driven programs equip young leaders with the tools they need to take initiative in ways that are meaningful to them. Leadership clubs, peer mentoring, and service opportunities encourage kids to develop into responsible, confident, caring leaders in their Clubs, neighborhoods, and beyond. 

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of kids and teens who participated in leadership programs said these programs helped them build confidence and leadership skills.*


Kids of all ages practice building healthy habits for their minds and bodies. Every day, we provide kids with the tools they need to envision and build a healthy life and say no to risky behaviors. 

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of surveyed Club members said they had access to healthy food and snacks due to being in the Clubs*


Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver has a team of full-time mental health professionals to support the mental health needs of kids in our community. Each of our 25 Clubs has a mental health team member present multiple times each week to facilitate individual connection sessions and small social-emotional learning groups that support a wide range of mental health needs. 

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*2022-2023 NYOI Club Member Data


of surveyed Club members reported feeling better because of the support they received from the mental health team member at their Club*

Fundamental Program Pillars


Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the foundation of all Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver programming. We offer SEL groups, led by licensed mental health professionals, using the Ladders curriculum for K-12 students. Our goal is to help kids manage emotions, find self-identity, and build healthy relationships. We collaborate with community partners for evidence-based, culturally-responsive, age-appropriate curricula to nurture leadership skills and resilience in every child. 


Club kids experience safe, fun, and enriching summers with our summer program for Metro Denver families. Kids enjoy outdoor adventures, learn new skills, and enhance leadership abilities. Summer attendees go on field trips, make friends, play sports, and explore Gates Camp in Ward, Colorado, with exciting activities such as archery, canoeing, and ropes courses.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver collaborates with schools, businesses, volunteers, families, and partner organizations to empower kids. These partnerships open doors and break barriers, enabling children to fulfill their potential. 

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