Our Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs is one of the largest and most comprehensive youth development organizations in Metro Denver. In addition to providing kids with afterschool and summer programming at our Clubs around the metro Denver area, we run a targeted behavioral intervention program during the school day and Extended Learning Opportunity programs at Denver schools. Our programs provide low or no-cost opportunities for youth to participate in fun and educationally enriching activities in three key program areas: Academics & Careers; Character & Leadership; and Healthy Lifestyles.

Key Program Outcome Areas


By the time they reach 6th grade, middle class kids have likely spent 6,000 more hours learning than kids born into poverty. Through engaging academic and career programs, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver is filling the learning gap faced by many of the kids and families we serve.

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Developing good character and demonstrating leadership skills are critical for young people to succeed in school and in life. Our Character and Leadership programs challenge kids to be community-minded, and empower them by demonstrating how they can affect change by working together.

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Good health requires practice. It means not only having a place to go where you get the chance to run, jump, kick, throw and high-five; it also means eating right and having the knowledge and confidence necessary to choose wisely. We provide the right resources – from coaches to carrots – to help kids make the right choices.

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Our Programs


Boys & Girls Clubs is proud to administer the PACE (Promoting Academics and Character Education) program at three of our Club locations. This is a specialized, highly effective three-week intensive behavioral intervention for Denver Public School middle-schoolers on the verge of suspension or expulsion.

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Summer Programming

Join Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver this summer for a variety of programs designed to keep kids and teens active and engaged. Activities include summer learning, field trips, team sports (including baseball and softball), leadership programs, cultural arts activities and more!

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At the Clubs, we believe that engaging parents and family members in their children’s lives is critical to youth’s success in school and life. That’s why we offer regular opportunities for parents to get involved in our programs – not only the ones that directly benefit their children, but those that also allow them to invest in and further their own development and education.


At the Clubs, we know that we’re not the only ones who care about helping at-risk youth succeed and when we’re all working together toward a shared goal, we can achieve more. That’s why we’re proud to partner with people, institutions and organizations across the metro area who are also committed to helping every young person reach their full potential. We work with youth, schools, neighbors, businesses, volunteers, families and other partner organizations to collectively improve the communities where our sites are located.

Our staff participate in collaborative efforts such as the Denver Afterschool Alliance and the Adams County Youth Initiative. Furthermore, by forging partnerships with community institutions like schools and libraries, as well as other nonprofit organizations, we can ensure that we’re providing the highest quality of services without duplicating efforts.