Our Programs

Boys & Girls Clubs is one of the largest and most comprehensive youth development organizations in Metro Denver, providing comprehensive after school and summer programming to thousands of kids a year across 21 Club locations. At the Club, kids find safe spaces to grow, develop, and play; access social-emotional learning (SEL) support; build relationships with peers, mentors, and trusted adults; and participate in fun and educationally enriching activities. 

Program Outcome Areas


At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, academic programs give kids a space to explore, experiment, and expand on the lessons learned during the school day. Educationally enriching activities in every area of the Club – from the art room, to the gym, to the tech lab – are intentionally designed to foster skill building and spark kids’ passion for learning. 

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Clubs provide kids and teens with opportunities to grow as leaders. Our youth-driven programs equip young leaders with the tools they need to take initiative in ways that are meaningful to them. Leadership clubs, peer mentoring opportunities, and service opportunities encourage kids to develop into responsible, confident, caring leaders – in their Clubs, neighborhoods, and beyond. 

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At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, kids of all ages practice building healthy habits – for their minds and bodies. Every day we provide kids with the tools they need to envision and build a healthy life and say no to risky behaviors 

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Fundamental Program Pillars


Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the foundation of all Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver programming. We work with community partners to provide evidence-based, culturally responsive, and age-appropriate curriculum so every kid can develop leadership skills, manage big emotions, and respond to challenges with resilience. 


Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver has dedicated 11 full-time positions to support the mental health needs of kids in our community. Each of our 21 Clubs has a social worker in it 1-2 times a week, facilitating individual connection sessions and small social-emotional learning groups that support a wide range of mental health needs.  

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Kids in our summer program have safe, fun, and enriching summers as they explore outdoor adventures, learn exciting new skills, and build their leadership abilities! All-day summer programming provides affordable and accessible child care for working families during the school break.  

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver is proud to partner with people, institutions, and organizations across the metro area to provide unique and expansive opportunities for kids to reach their full potential. We work with schools, neighbors, businesses, volunteers, families, foundations, and other partner organizations to open doors for kids and with kids in our communities. Learn more about our community partners.