Black History Month | Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Black History Month at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

February 5, 2024

Each February, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver celebrates Black History Month. This observance is dedicated to honoring the rich cultural heritage and contributions of Black individuals, as well as recognizing and celebrating the continued impact they have on our society. It also serves as a platform to deepen our collective understanding of the ongoing struggle for racial equality and justice, encouraging ongoing reflection and education throughout the year. 

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, we respect and honor those who promote justice, civil rights, equality, and human dignity. This month provides a reminder for all of us to reflect on our history and commit to working toward a better future for all Metro Denver kids and families. 

Celebrating Black History Month 

During Black History Month, we encourage celebrating at home and in your community. Activities can include attending local events, lectures, and exhibits, supporting black-owned businesses, learning about significant figures and events in Black history, and exploring books and films that illuminate the experiences of Black individuals.  

Black History Month in our Clubs 

This month, our Club members are celebrating with a variety of activities and educational programming. These include special art projects to help Club kids get creative while learning about Black history, a fashion show, special dinners with family, and kid presentations on important Black figures and historical moments. 

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, we believe that taking time during Black History Month, as well as throughout the year, to understand the historical and continuing injustices Black Americans face is important and can help us focus on building a more equitable future together. Daily, we see the strength of the young Black leaders in our Clubs and communities who continue to change our city for the better.  

We are looking forward to everything the Clubs have planned throughout Black History Month to learn, celebrate, and grow into a great future authored by our young leaders!  We will share more through our social media channels about how our Clubs celebrate Black History Month throughout February and beyond. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more updates from our Clubs! 


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