Up close with Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock reflects on the impact that Boys & Girls Clubs has had on his life and shares the City of Denver’s goals for the youth in our community.

mayor-hancock-quoteDescribe your involvement with Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.
I grew up going to the local Boys & Girls Club in northeast Denver along with my sisters and brothers and many friends. This organization has been an invaluable partner to the city and families of Denver for decades. Today, they play an integral role in partnership with my administration to form and implement the Denver Afterschool Alliance. As one of Denver’s organizational leaders in data collection and work around providing high-quality afterschool programming, they have been and continue to be a go-to partner when it comes to closing opportunity gaps in Denver’s neighborhoods in need. Continue reading

Empowering youth to become agents of change

Community EngagementThe dawn of the 21st century has sparked great changes to our society and youth culture. On a global scale, we are more interconnected via technology and there has been an increase in the overall pace of life, resulting in a shift in how we communicate and interact. With this shift comes an increased challenge to ensure that all youth have what they need to successfully meet the complex challenges of young adulthood. Continue reading

Young mentor Ingrid helps fellow Club members make a difference

IngridFourteen-year-old Ingrid is a true social butterfly. On any given day, she can be found floating throughout every corner of the Suncor Boys & Girls Club in Commerce City talking to friends, mentoring younger Club members and helping the staff. The strong relationships that Ingrid has developed with her peers and Club staff have helped shape her focus for a promising future. “The Club has helped me realize my potential and never give up,” said Ingrid.

In 2004, Ingrid’s family dynamics shifted when her parents got divorced. Ingrid had to learn how to cope when faced with this major life change and turned to her Boys & Girls Club for support. “The Club helps me learn from the challenges that life presents,” said Ingrid. “It helps me process situations quicker and focus on what matters most.”

Aspiring to attend college one day, the notion of never giving up is crucial for Ingrid. As life often presents challenges, over the past twelve years Ingrid has relied on the steady presence of her Club to guide her as she pursues her college dream.

With an open heart and a strong sense of confidence, Ingrid warmly welcomes new opportunities and experiences. At only six years old, she walked into the Club for the first time without an ounce of fear. Two years later, she spent a week in the mountains during her first summer at Gates Camp. She loved it so much that she never once got homesick. By age ten, Ingrid began participating in the Youth of the Year competition only to find that she loves what some of the other candidates fear – the rigorous interview process. “The interviews are fun. The judges ask me a lot of questions and I get to learn a lot about them too!”

Finding opportunities to learn across all spectrums of life, Ingrid’s feet often carry her into the Club gym or outside to the futsal court. Ingrid enjoys participating in many sports. While shuffling her feet on the basketball court, hustling up and down the soccer field or running around the track, participating in athletics has taught Ingrid the importance of communication and working as a team. She has also learned to never be scared. “Just enjoy the game and be free,” said Ingrid.

The journey from Ingrid’s school to the Club’s Learning Center is a mere brisk walk. Taking on a heavier homework load as a freshman in high school, this proximity helps Ingrid excel academically. “During the school year the Learning Center is the first place that I go almost every time I walk into the Club,” said Ingrid. “I like to get my homework done before I participate in any other programs.” The Learning Center offers ample resources including guidance from staff members to help Ingrid maintain a high GPA. “The staff helps me with my homework,” recounts Ingrid. “They are always there for me when I need them.”

Between balancing school, sports and participating in several leadership programs, Ingrid has her hands full. Ingrid’s long-term commitment to her Boys & Girls Club has positioned her as a leader and mentor. Both the younger and older members look up to Ingrid and come to her when they need help. As president of Torch Club, a character and leadership program for junior high school students, Ingrid learned how to organize projects and manage her peers to successfully execute a variety of different fundraising events. Over the course of the next four years, Ingrid hopes to become a Counselor-In- Training at Gates Camp to serve as a mentor to younger campers. She also plans to join the Keystone Club, a leadership group for Club teens.

Eye of the tiger

Tiger HeadshotAt his Boys & Girls Club, Tiger’s outgoing personality and mature attitude make him a natural leader. While striving to accomplish an array of self-set goals, Tiger has is eyes set on a promising future. Tiger has spent the past nine years at his Club building leadership skills, spearheading community projects and serving as a mentor for his younger peers.

“To me, the Club is a secondary home that gives me a head start for my adult life,” said Tiger. “Without the Club, my opportunities to build a better future would have been limited.”

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver announces higher education partnership with CSU

When Demitria Flores first stepped on the Colorado State University campus, she wasn’t sure she would stay.

Coming from a family where her parents hadn’t completed high school and few of her peers had joined her on campus, Flores felt alone and overwhelmed.

“When I first came to CSU, I had a really hard time. I struggled,” said Flores, now a 20-year-old junior majoring in Human Development. “I felt lost and it was a lot to take in. I reached out to a few people from Boys & Girls Clubs and they reminded me why I was there and helped me find resources on campus. Once I found friends and started to be successful, that’s when I really started to enjoy CSU.”

The transition from struggle to success is the premise of a groundbreaking new partnership between Colorado State University and Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. Continue reading

Get ready to read!

Encouraging kids to read independently is critical to their overall academic success. Studies have shown that a student who can’t read on grade level by third grade is four times less likely to graduate on time.

“A student who can’t read on grade level by third grade is four times less likely to graduate by age 19 than a child who does read proficiently by that time. Add poverty to the mix, and a student is 13 times less likely to graduate on time than his or her proficient, wealthier peer.”

– Donald J. Hernandez, Annie E. Casey Foundation

At the Clubs, kids of all ages can participate in a variety of programs designed to encourage reading and make reading fun.  Continue reading

Recognizing our premier youth

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver is gearing up for another great year of celebrating the amazing youth in our community through the Youth of the Year competition and we need your help.


A nationally recognized program. Youth of the Year is Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s premier youth recognition program for Club members. It is a year-long competition amongst high performing Club members which begins at the Club level. Top performing youth advance to the city-wide competition. Each city-wide candidate then has the potential to advance to the state, regional and national competition.

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