Club member spotlight: Brylynn

Spending nearly more time at the Johnson Boys & Girls Club than at Brylynn-Head-Shother own home during the week, eleven-year-old Club member Brylynn thrives in the Club atmosphere. Remembering feeling right at home when her mom signed her up for a Club membership on her sixth birthday, Brylynn now participates in an array of Club programming which promotes healthy and positive outlets for her to learn and grow.

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Corporate Partner of the Month: Jansen Strawn

Jansen-Strong-Corp-PartnerJANSEN STRAWN
Business development made social(ly impactful)

Jansen Strawn Consulting Engineers, co-founded by Tom Jansen and Chris Strawn, has been a consistent supporter of our Boys & Girls Clubs’ Gates Camp fundraiser. Over the past several years, however, they have applied their creative engineering mindset to designing and facilitating their OWN brand-new, amazing fundraiser, supply drive and business development opportunity that benefits several of our school-based Boys & Girls Clubs, and they started with a real need.  In our school-based sites, our staff work closely with the teachers and school administration to meet the needs of a highly vulnerable, overwhelmingly (often 95-97%) low-income population. Each year, teachers send them off for summer with a long list of school supplies that they’ll need when they come back in the fall. For many of our families, the prospect of buying all the school supplies, a backpack and a uniform can be daunting. That’s where Jansen Strawn steps in.  Continue reading

Setting sights on tomorrow’s jobs

Many industries across the globe are becoming increasingly dependent upon working professionals in the STEM sector– science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As employment rates in occupations related to STEM are projected to grow, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, to more than 9 million by 2022, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver is committed to providing STEM programming to help prepare Club members for future career options.STEM_BoyGirlRobot

In 2015, over 2,500 Club members participated in a variety of different STEM programs intended to equip youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve complex problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. In early March, Club members put their knowledge to the test at the TechZilla Monster Extravaganza and Kodu Game Lab Competition.

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Denver Club teens win the National Keystone Project Award

National Project_Denver Broncos

Denver’s top performing teens accept the 2016 National Keystone Project Award.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver recently sent 32 top performing Club members from five different Clubs to Dallas for the 2016 Boys & Girls Club National Keystone Conference. Keystone is Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s premier teen character and leadership program focusing on Community Service, Academic Success, Career Preparation and Teen Outreach.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver’s CEO and Board Chair visit Washington, D.C. to participate in National Day of Advocacy

DENVER, Colo. March 11, 2016 – Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver Chief Executive Officer, John Barry, and Board Chair, Laurie Korneffel, will be attending Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Day of Advocacy in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, March 16. Leaders from Boys & Girls Club organizations from around the country will gather in our nation’s capital to meet with members of Congress to champion the needs of local youth. Continue reading

National Boys & Girls Clubs Week


Dear Boys & Girls Club Supporters,

John Barry CEO Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro DenverThis week is National Boys & Girls Club Week. In honor of your continuous contributions to Club programming and your unwavering support to positively impact the lives of thousands of youth across the metro Denver area, all week we will celebrating all of our stakeholders including donors, volunteers, board members and our staff. Continue reading

Corporate Partner of the Month: Charles Schwab

Charles-Schwab-Partner-of-the-monthSteven Covey, a master businessman who studied and codified success once said, “habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do).” This March, we are celebrating a corporate partner of the month who has truly made community investment a habit of their admirable success, Charles Schwab. What’s more, however, Charles Schwab’s investment in our community is strategic, ensuring that our Club members at Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the metro Denver area also have the chance to gain the critical knowledge and skills for success, along with the motivation and inspiration from caring Schwab volunteers, to want to reach for success. Continue reading

Meet Maria, the Citywide Youth of the Year winner

MariaAs the Citywide Youth of the Year winner, Maria exemplifies what it means to be a leader. As the oldest of four, she knows that her actions and choices have a direct influence on her siblings and she strives to set a positive example for them each day.

“I realize now, more than ever, how much my siblings look up to me. I have to be a role model for them,” said Maria. “Demonstrating leadership is part of my upbringing. I could not have had better role models in my own life. I can honestly say that I hope to be a combination of my parents when I grow up. I will never stop learning from them.” Continue reading