Local Youth Groups Educate Englewood Residents About the Harmful Effects of Tobacco on the Community

Source: KWGN Channel 2

Four youth groups from within the Tri-County Health Department service area including youth from Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver have helped write, produce and star in a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that educate residents about the harmful effects of tobacco on the community. View story »

Aspiring future governor peter strives to make a difference in his community

Source: Spring 2015 BGCMD Newsletter

PeterUpon meeting fifteen-year-old Peter for the first time, it is easy to be captivated by his warm smile that stretches from ear to ear. “I always walk around with a smile on my face,” said Peter. “A smile can always brighten a person’s day, make them feel calm and safe and allow them to come out of their comfort zone.” This is exactly why many Boys & Girls Club members look up to Peter as a leader and role model.

Peter was born in Kinshasa Congo, Africa – a land which soon became war-torn forcing his family to seek refuge in Tanzania. In 2006, Peter’s family moved to America. The transition was challenging and Peter was being bullied at school on a daily basis. It was not until he found the Noel Boys & Girls Club that he was able to settle comfortably into his surroundings. In the three short years that Peter has been a Club member, he has quickly embraced the Club members and staff as an extension of his family. “My Club is a place where I can truly be myself. I’ve learned so much about who I am as a leader and the possibilities are endless for me,” said Peter. Continue reading

Up Close with Hassan Salem, President of U.S. Bank Colorado

Hassan-Salem-US-BankSource: Spring 2015 BGCMD Newsletter

HASSAN SALEM, President of U.S. Bank Colorado, reflects on the impact that Boys & Girls Clubs has had on his life and shares U.S. Bank’s belief that developing and strengthening communities means investing in young people and their hopes and dreams for the future.

We recently connected with Hassan Salem, President of U.S. Bank Colorado, to discuss U.S. Bank’s dedication to community service and their partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. Both Salem and U.S. Bank have a long history of engagement with Boys & Girls Clubs.

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Poverty is a complex stressor which inhibits educational success and social mobility

Source: Spring 2015 BGCMD Newsletter

From a very young age, many young people are taught to believe in the American dream in which anyone – no matter what circumstances they were born into – can ‘make something of themselves’. For those young people who grow up in low-income households, however, the journey up the socioeconomic ladder is a much longer, harder and steeper climb than their wealthier peers have to make. Therefore, it becomes even more important for those of us who are in the business of helping low-income youth succeed, that we use every tool at our disposal: research tells us that a quality education and success in the classroom have the power to propel any child on an upward trajectory. Continue reading

Beyond Just Showing Up

Club member TashawnClub member Tashawn does a lot more than simply show up every day at Place Boys & Girls Club. Striving to make the most out of his Club experience, he serves as a mentor and leader for his peers and has exemplified how after-school hours spent in the Club can lead to a promising future. As the school year wraps up, Tashawn will graduate as the valedictorian of his class with a bright academic future ahead.

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Hard Work. Big Rewards.

Boys & Girls Club’s Keystone Program is a national teenKeystone_Broncos character and leadership program focusing on community service, academic success and career preparation for Club members ages 14 through 18. This past school year Keystone participants worked on a variety of Club events, community projects and social activities throughout the year. These projects served as a platform for teens to learn the intricacies of project management, event planning, successful leadership methods and much more. Club members then combined these experiences to help build their resume, assemble a portfolio and practice their interviewing skills.

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Exploring the Unknown at Gates Camp


Shopneck Boys & Girls Club Member

Typically, youth growing up in low-income households rarely get the opportunity to travel outside of a five-mile radius of their home. For youth living in the metro Denver area, this means that without assistance, many of these kids will never get the opportunity to step into the Colorado Rocky Mountains and explore the great outdoors.

That is why Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver works hard to provide Club members like Dominic an opportunity to venture outside of their neighborhoods and into the mountains to spend a week at our summer Gates Camp.

“Gates Camp is a great way for youth to learn how to be a leader while stepping outside of their comfort zone,” said Dominic. “At camp, you push yourself mentally and physically beyond anything you have ever done before. You also get the opportunity to make new friends.”

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Boys & Girls Clubs receives $11,000 as part of the Epic Ski Challenge

Thanks to Team Xcel Energy for participating in the Epic Ski Challenge!

Thanks to Team Xcel Energy for participating in the Epic Ski Challenge!

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver was grateful to be a beneficiary of this year’s Vail Resorts Epic Ski Challenge. We are also grateful to our partner – Xcel Energy – who chose our organization as their charity of choice when selected by Vail Resorts to participate in the Challenge. Continue reading