Having fun while living healthy

The programs at Boys & Girls Clubs have a knack for making learning fun – this is especially true of programs that focus on promoting healthy lifestyles through educating youth on the importance of maintaining social emotional well-being, making healthy nutritional choices, exercising daily and much more.

This winter, teen Club members Malachi and Rachael (a brother-sister duo from the Boettcher Boys & Girls Club) are helping their peers learn about health through fun and engaging programs like the following:

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Corporate Partner of the Month: Fidelity Investments

Fidelity-partner-logoIt is truly an honor to highlight Fidelity Investments as our Corporate Partner of the month. Fidelity has been an incredible supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, building a truly holistic partnership that we hope to continue for many years to come.

The team at Fidelity has a passion for sharing insights and experiences to help people live the lives of their dreams. For years, this passion has directly impacted the kids we serve through Fidelity’s investment in our programs, volunteer engagement and sponsorship of our annual gala. We are grateful for their commitment and advocacy, especially the tremendous volunteerism from Fidelity employees and dedicated board service of Sherri Kroonenburg. Last year, over 220 Fidelity employees lent a helping hand with various volunteer projects: donating toys for our kids; building a new Teen Center; gardening; and hosting a holiday party at one of our Clubs. Fidelity’s support has helped us create a safe, happy environment where our kids can learn and grow every day!

For their devotion to building a meaningful and multifaceted partnership that supports our community, we are proud to recognize Fidelity Investments as this month’s Corporate Partner!

Corporate Partner of the Month: U.S. Bank

US-Bank-Corporate-PartnerBoys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver is excited to start 2017 by recognizing U.S. Bank as our Corporate Partner of the month! For over a decade, U.S. Bank has been committed to investing in our kids and helping build a strong foundation for our communities across Denver. Their continued advocacy has allowed us to continue to provide critical programs that support our Club members’ ability to succeed in high school and beyond.

This year, U.S. Bank made a generous INVESTment in our “Pathways to Success” program, which prepares Club members for college or careers. Participants in this program learn about a wide variety of career options straight from current industry professionals. U.S. Bank is adding strength and vitality to our program, helping us to give our youth the opportunity to excel in a challenging and competitive workforce. Our staff and Club members could not be more thankful!

We also thank U.S. Bank for their continued ENGAGEment with our annual Health Fair! Volunteers from U.S. Bank joined some of our teen Club members from the Shopneck Boys &Girls Club in Brighton, Colorado to design and operate booths at the Health Fair. Our teens became master educators on their topic for the day. We look forward to joining forces with U.S. Bank again this year to spread awareness about health and wellness!

We look forward to CELEBRATING with U.S. Bank as a committed supporter of our 2017 special events. We are so thankful for their commitment to building a meaningful, dynamic partnership that strengthens our community.

Developing Healthy Lifestyles

Many people kick the New Year off with a renewed commitment to living a healthy life. At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, we commit to empowering youth to live a healthy lifestyle year-round. Club members have ongoing opportunities to learn about how they can benefit from getting exercise, eating healthy and much more. 

Recently, Club members discovered just how fun it can be to commit to living a healthy lifestyle through participating in a Food Justice Program and Home Grown Food training.

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Taking the stage

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver believes strongly in the power of the arts to promote learning, develop a healthy mind and inspire creativity. With imaginations that are seemingly boundless, Club members are encouraged to engage in the cultural arts programming designed to expose them to new cultures, enhance self-expression, and develop skills in visual, literary and performing arts.

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Club member spotlight: Isiah

IsiahSeventeen year-old Club member Isiah believes that the Boys & Girls Club has molded him into the person he is today – a highly motivated social butterfly with big dreams for the future. Not only has Isiah relied on the scholarship opportunities offered by the Clubs, but Isiah has also been employed as a Junior Staff member at the Boys & Girls Club for more than a year. When kids tell Isiah that they want to be like him, he knows he is making a difference in the lives of younger Club members.

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Club member spotlight: Brylynn


BrylynnFor eleven year-old Club member Brylynn, the Boys & Girls Club is a family affair. All four of Brylynn’s siblings joined the Boys & Girls Club when they became eligible for a membership at age six. Brylynn was no different. In fact, she recalls her sixth birthday as the day she was finally able to become a member and experience all of the opportunities at the Boys & Girls Club that she always heard her older brothers talk about.

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