Noemi’s Path to Leadership at Suncor Boys & Girls Club

Meet Noemi, a 14-year-old member at Suncor Boys & Girls Club. She exemplifies the incredible transformation a nurturing community and access to opportunities can create. Today, she radiates confidence and enthusiasm, which she credits to the Club. Noemi's story is one of growth, from a reserved newcomer to a vibrant leader who is leaving an indelible mark on her community. 

Finding Her Place in the Club 

The first time Noemi stepped into the Club at twelve years old, she was nervous. She didn’t know what to think of this new and unfamiliar place! As she attended the Club regularly, Noemi felt more at home. She forged meaningful friendships and little by little her infectious energy began to shine. She recalls, "Little did I know this would be a life-changing experience."  

Today, Noemi is a shining example of the Club's impact, serving as a peer leader and participating in Keystone Club and the Youth of the Year program. 

Stepping into Leadership 

Noemi’s favorite spot at her Club is the gym. She challenged herself on the court and played with younger members. Her dedication culminated in the opportunity to become a peer leader within the athletics department. She organizes the uniforms, gathers the players, keeps score at games, and ensures the team stays hydrated. Noemi loves supporting the younger members, fostering a sense of camaraderie among players. Her dedication and leadership qualities shine through this role, earning her the trust and respect of both her peers and Club staff.  

Empowered by Community  

Keystone Club, a leadership and community service group tailored to Club members 14-18, was an inspiring and critical opportunity for Noemi. As a member of Keystone, Noemi found her voice and purpose within the Club. She embraced the chance to contribute to Club events and engage with her peers. She learned her ideas are valuable and she can have a big impact on her community. It was a turning point that ignited her passion for making a difference and stepping out of her comfort zone. 

Growing Through Opportunity  

Noemi continued to grow her leadership skills through the Youth of the Year program. Youth of the Year helps young people develop their leadership and communication skills through an extensive application and interview process during the annual competition. She was encouraged by Club staff to take a chance and overcome her nerves, leading to her eventual success as Suncor Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year for the 14-15 age group. Through this program, Noemi found an unexpected challenge in writing her own story, an opportunity she’d never had before. The Youth of the Year program honed her writing skills and provided a platform for her to share her story and inspire others. 


"The Club helped me realize that the people I surround myself with can help me achieve my goals and become my true self." 

A Catalyst for Positive Change 

In reflecting on her time at the Club, Noemi emphasizes the profound sense of belonging and support she has found. “The Club is my happy place,” she shared. The Club is more than just a recreational space—it's her second home, a place where she can be herself and thrive. Through friendships, mentorship, and leadership opportunities, Noemi has discovered her true potential and is poised to continue making a positive impact in her community. Noemi inspires those around her and embodies the Club's mission of enabling young people to reach their full potential and become catalysts for positive change. 

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