Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver Celebrates Native American Heritage Month

November is nationally recognized as Native American Heritage Month. Established in 1990, Native American Heritage Month recognizes and celebrates the histories, heritage, and actions of Indigenous peoples past and present. This month raises awareness about the vibrant cultures and heritage of Native communities, uplifting the unique traditions and voices of tribes across the nation. 

Denver has a rich Indigenous history, and this month is a special time to recognize and celebrate the heritage of Native American kids in our Clubs and our community. We are committed to creating a safe and empowering environment where every kid can feel proud of their heritage and affirmed in their identity. Our Clubs across Metro Denver will celebrate with a variety of fun activities.  

Club members and families can celebrate Native American Heritage Month by engaging in activities and events that encourage kids to learn about, appreciate, and celebrate the abundant heritage and culture of Indigenous peoples. 

Here are a few activities and programs to consider for this special month: 

  • Exploring Native Lands: Discover the Tribal territories in Colorado and learn more about the unique cultures and traditions of the Indigenous communities in our region.  
  • Read Native Books: Explore children's books about Native Americans, including “Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story,” “Still this Love Goes On,” and “Berry Song.” These books not only introduce young readers to diverse stories and perspectives but also celebrate the resilience, history, and traditions of Indigenous peoples. 
  • Taste Native Foods: To preserve Indigenous food traditions, enjoy traditional dishes and explore the diverse culinary practices of Indigenous communities. 

We’re proud to serve a city with such a rich Native American heritage. Together, we can ensure this month is both a celebration of Native American culture as well as an opportunity for understanding and unity. 

We will share more through our social media channels about how our Clubs celebrate Native American Heritage Month throughout November and beyond. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more updates from our Clubs!