Lily’s Story

Lily brightens every room she walks into. A creative and thoughtful 7th grader, she has been attending her Club after school every day for the past three years. Lily is from a large family and has six siblings, so finding a space to be herself can be tricky sometimes. But at the Club, Lily is able to explore her own interests and get some much-needed quiet time.

“My favorite part of the Club on most days is the Calm Corner. After busy days at school and at home, I can relax there with my friends.” At the Club, Lily is able to find a balance between activity and self-care with the consistent support and encouragement of our staff. Not only that, but she says, “My best friends are all people I’ve met here at the Club.”

Club Director Evie Benger said, “Lily is one of those kiddos who shines. She is always looking for ways to help around the Club. She loves to share her ideas and show her creativity in the art room. It’s been a joy to see Lily embrace being a part of our Club and see her grow into an incredible young person!”

For Lily, the Club is the one place she can call her own. It’s a place where she can make friends, explore her dreams, build her own resilience as she navigates her early teenage life, and have space to create a vision for her own future. Her dream is to become a teacher one day. With your support, you can show Lily that you believe in her dreams, too – and allow her to brighten every future classroom she walks into.

“My best friends are all people I’ve met here at the Club.”

– Lily

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