Eunique: Ambitious Artist and Entrepreneur

By: Erin Porteous

Few entrepreneurial spirits are brave enough to start a business from the ground up. The near-countless steps necessary to launch a company are laborious and, at times, tedious: building a website, creating a brand, getting a trademark, determining your business model, and learning to be a marketer and operations expert all at once. Not least of all, you must also build a sales and accounting system and keep your financial records in good shape. 

This process is daunting for many adults. But imagine navigating these steps as a young adult and a minor – requiring adult support and a co-signature on ... everything.  

Seventeen-year-old Eunique, who owns and operates Timeless Customs, a company specializing in custom-painted shoes and clothing, has been navigating these challenges since she launched her business at fifteen years old. Now, as the owner, artist, marketer, and influencer for her brand, she talks about these initial startup challenges as minor hurdles, instead focusing her energy on her dreams about continuing to grow her business. Eunique has designed shoes for Broncos players, millionaires, and even peers at school. She’s part creative artist, part business savvy, and fully successful, with two weeks between her and early high school graduation and numerous college credits already accumulated. And, Eunique is just getting started. Her dream is to attend college out of state and work in private equity with an emphasis on real estate.  

Eunique speaks about her current success and big future dreams with a soft-spoken yet confident tone. She looks back on her youth and teenage journey with great gratitude to her Club, where she had access to sports, which were a tremendous outlet for her. Eunique still plays on her Club’s soccer team, and participates in Keystone Club, as well. (She also credits her Club for helping her find the right paths in life, and building friendships and connections.)

While Eunique is already incredibly accomplished at a very young age, she sees her impressive achievements as her launch pad, with plans to build so much more in her personal and professional empire. I admire Eunique and the cool kicks she is always rockin and look forward to being one of her followers for many years to come. Thank you, Eunique, for your entrepreneurial spirit, your creativity, and your drive.