Cotopaxi x Teva Partnership: Spotlight on Community Impact

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Cotopaxi and Teva! Both brands are supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver with their first cold-weather collaboration, featuring Cotopaxi’s reversible Hooded Cálido jacket and Teva’s convertible ReEmber boot! Each Teva x Cotopaxi purchase will help support education and outdoor access for our Club kids. We are thrilled to be working with Teva and Cotopaxi on this partnership!

To understand the impact the Hollywood and Denver Metro chapters have on their members, Cotopaxi asked Mel Culpepper, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Hollywood, and Mia Vasquez-Ortiz, a longtime Metro Denver member, to speak a bit on their experiences and how these Clubs lift up their respective communities. Here is a bit of what Mia had to say:

“The Owen Club is perfectly made to serve the kids that attend. The staff here have been working longer than I have been coming here, and they perfectly understand what our kids need. Our Club staff does a great job of making kids feel like they fit in, inspiring us, and giving us really good opportunities. I’m proud to be a part of the Club because – well, there’s a lot. We have really cool programs that stand apart; the fact that staff here feel like friends and they are really good at their jobs; and it’s also the kids that come here. They make me feel proud. We all get along and understand each other, and that really makes us stand out. I always emphasize the family aspect to the Club because it’s so unique. Everyone here feels like a friend.”

Thank you so much to Cotopaxi and Teva for this wonderful partnership. And thank you to Mia, for sharing your story!

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