Club Member Mia Leads All-Star Celebrations at our Owen Club

It’s not every day you get to stand alongside baseball’s greats… and be the true All-Star. But for 16-year-old Club member Mia, that day came on July 13. 

The nation’s eyes were on Denver for the Major League Baseball All-Star game, an annual event that returned with great fanfare after being cancelled last year due to COVID-19. Alongside the big game, MLB and the Colorado Rockies contributed approximately $5 million to local projects and national charitable organizations through All-Star Legacy projects. 

One of those projects came to life right in Mia’s second home, the place she’s been going nearly every day for ten years: the Owen Boys & Girls Club. With the support of Major League Baseball and the Rockies, the Teen Center at Owen was fully renovated and refreshed, creating a much more inviting space for Mia and her friends to socialize, connect and do homework. The teen tech lab was also upgraded with new laptops, making homework and STEM projects easier, and new furniture makes the space much more conducive to unwinding after a long day at school. And to cap it off, the Rockies rehabilitated and refreshed the Owen All-Star legacy baseball field for all of our Club members to enjoy. 

Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies renovated the Owen Boys & Girls Club Teen Center giving our kids space to socialize, connect and learn.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred speaks before a crowd at the Andrés Galarraga field at the Owen Boys & Girls Club.

The updated Teen Center is fully equipped with everything teens need to learn and achieve their greatest potential.

The teen center renovations were revealed at a very special event on July 13, the same day as the All-Star game. And this was Mia’s big moment. As the Club’s Junior Youth of the Year winner, Mia was selected to speak alongside the commissioner of Major League Baseball Robert Manfred, Rockies CEO Dick Monfort, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver CEO Erin Porteous, Boys & Girls Clubs of America CEO Jim Clark, and Rockies legends Todd Helton, Clint Barmes, and Ryan Spilborghs. 

As Mia took the microphone, the crowd of nearly 100 attendees, the media and a line-up of leaders and legends went quiet, eager to hear what the 16-year-old had to say. 

“As a big fan of the Rockies,” Mia said, “I’m excited and grateful that they are choosing to give back to our community.” 

Help kids like Mia achieve their greatest potential

Mia went on to share more about what the Club means to her, talking about her journey from a young girl coming through our doors for the first time to the confident young woman she is today. Now a leader in the Club and in her community, she credits the Club for providing a solid and consistent home base throughout her life. 

“It’s hard to sum up something that truly means everything to you. This Club is a family, it’s a safety net and it’s an heirloom because my family, my brother and sister have all been here. I think many kids can agree when I say this place is home.” 

Mia went on to say that she would not be where she is now without the Club and that it has allowed her to explore, grow and pursue her own dreams. 

As she finished her speech, the entire audience was smiling and clapping, including all of our special guests. By sharing her own Club experiences, Mia was able to bring the meaning of the renovations to life. And she absolutely shined – a star among All-Stars. 

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