Registration Fees

Registration Fee Change

Beginning June 2024

Beginning in summer, 2024, we will adjust our registration fee from $2 to $25 per member each school year and $25 per member each summer. 

As a continually growing and evolving organization, we regularly assess our operating model to ensure that we maintain a strong foundation that allows us to expand the reach and impact our Clubs have on your kids and our communities. In evaluating our current model, we have identified an adjustment to our registration fee structure that will support our goal of serving more kids with excellence and high impact. 

Beginning in summer, 2024, there will be an adjustment to our registration fee structure that will support our goal of serving more kids with excellence and high impact. Below are the key factors you should know.


per member each school year & summer*

Ages 5-10

applies to elementary members only

$200 max

each year no matter how many members join

Registration Fee Change

Beginning in the 2024 summer program session, registration fees for members in grades k-5 will be $25 per child for the full school year. Summer programming will also have a separate $25 registration fee per child.

Registration Fee by Member Grade

The registration fee is only applied to elementary school members. Members in middle and high school will have access to the Clubs at no cost.

Registration Fee Cap

Fees will be capped at a maximum of $200 per family, per year. No family will be asked to pay more than $200 total in a calendar year for their family to participate in our programming, regardless of the number of members they have registered at our Clubs. 

Registration Fee Structure | Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Applying for a Scholarship

We know that this increase may be challenging for some of our families. We are committed to being affordable and accessible to all families who need us. Families who need financial support will have the option to apply for Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver scholarships.

Scholarship Requirements
Scholarships may be awarded based on the following:
  • I-94 refugee status
  • Documentation of foster parent/child relationship
  • Documentation of being unhoused:
    • Eviction notice
    • McKinney Vento verified with school
    • Shelter intake form
  • Fees and scholarships apply to members in elementary school only.
  • No registration fees are required for members in middle and high school.
  • 21st Century location registration fees covered through state of CO funding

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please contact your Club directly. Thank you for your partnership and for entrusting us with your students! We are excited to continue growing together in pursuit of great futures for all kids. 


At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, our mission is to provide our Club members with a safe, supportive, fun, and enriching environment that inspires and empowers them to achieve their greatest potential.