All kids are encouraged to think creatively and critically through hands-on participation in age-appropriate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities. We offer a variety of programs that inspire kids to love learning, build problem-solving skills, encourage teamwork and innovation, and strengthen technical skills.


The goal of the TechSperts program is to increase technical skills and leadership opportunities for youth in the technology labs. Members must complete requirements in 15 areas of technology programming, including Microsoft Office, computer programming, hardware/networking, typing, presentation, career exploration and more, to advance to each level of TechSpert proficiency (from TechSpert to I to II to III to TechMaster to Dr. Tech)


This program is an interactive, educational safety resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Boys & Girls Clubs of America for children aged 5 to 17, parents, guardians, educators, and law enforcement. The program uses age-appropriate, 3-D activities to teach children how to stay safer on the Internet. Through these interactive modules, our technology staff help Club members learn how to safely communicate online, play games, conduct research and enhance overall awareness to prevent victimization and increase self-confidence whenever they go online. Visit to learn more about this program. Teens can visit and kids ages 5 and up can visit to begin learning how to use the Internet safely.


This robotics program allows Club members the opportunity to develop their engineering and programming skills while also learning to effectively work and strategize as part of a team. Each group builds a robot out of Lego NXT kits and competes in four areas of evaluation: artistic creation, presentation, obstacle course and finally, a dramatic Battle of the Bots!


Time is set aside each week for girls-only programming in the technology labs. Projects vary based on the needs and interests of the girls involved.


The National Club Tech Digital Arts Festival, with the support of Microsoft and Best Buy Children’s Foundation, celebrate the technology skills and creativity of Boys & Girls Clubs members across the nation and on U.S. military bases world-wide. In preparation for local, regional and national festivals, members at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver participate in the following activities throughout the year to develop their artistic and technological abilities:

  • Graphic Design: Through interactive digital courseware, group, and individual activities, members learn artistic concepts and technology skills to create professional-quality print materials and animation.
  • Movie Making: Club staff work with members through the hands-on processes of screenplay writing, filming, and editing digital movies.
  • Music Making: Members explore a variety of digital music software applications and basic music theory, learning to write sheet music, mix musical loops, plus compose and record original songs.
  • Photo Illustration: Members take digital photos, learning about photo composition while exploring the effects of distance and angle. Then, members learn about digital photo manipulation, from basic editing tasks such as cropping and adjusting color and light, to advanced projects using image filters and layering.


There are a number of special events throughout the year, including the TechZilla Monster Extravaganza (a technology competition), Battle of the Bots (a robotics team competition), career-oriented field trips, and more.