Cultural Arts

Our Cultural Arts programs help Club members enhance self-expression and creativity, develop multicultural appreciation, and develop skills in crafts and visual, performing and literary arts.


This year-round program encourages artistic expression among Club members of all ages through drawing, painting, pastels, printmaking, collage, mixed media, and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits. A panel of distinguished judges selects works for inclusion in the National Fine Arts Exhibit, which debuts at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s annual National Conference and is displayed throughout the following year at other national events.


The National Club Tech Digital Arts Festival celebrates the technology skills and creativity of Boys & Girls Clubs members across the nation and on U.S. military bases world-wide. In preparation for local, regional and national festivals, members at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver participate in the following activities throughout the year to develop their artistic and technological abilities:

  • Graphic Design: Through interactive digital courseware, group, and individual activities, members learn artistic concepts and technology skills to create professional-quality print materials and animation.
  • Movie Making: Club staff work with members through the hands-on processes of screenplay writing, filming, and editing digital movies.
  • Music Making: Members explore a variety of digital music software applications and basic music theory, learning to write sheet music, mix musical loops, plus compose and record original songs.
  • Photo Illustration: Members take digital photos, learning about photo composition while exploring the effects of distance and angle. Then, members learn about digital photo manipulation, from basic editing tasks such as cropping and adjusting color and light, to advanced projects using image filters and layering.


This year-round program and annual contest encourage girls and boys ages 6-18 to learn and practice black & white, color and digital process photography. The ImageMakers National Photography Contest provides local, regional and national recognition.


Members create storyboards with fun facts on various countries of the world. Participating members are eligible to attend the International Day celebration, where they enjoy a multi-ethnic meal, engage in topical workshops with professional artists and performers, and complete a world facts scavenger hunt based on their storyboards displayed at the event.


Arts staff and Keystone Club members create a maze through the art room, Club hallways, locker rooms, and the gym. Teen members act in the Haunted House and serve as tour guides to the younger members.


Members create extravagant hats from basic materials. Winners are selected in three age groups based on creativity, use of materials, and festivity.


Young people design and assemble pinewood cars that are then judged on design and speed.

Other art events include creative writing, multicultural crafts, coloring contests, music mixing, dance, acting and comedy improv, and much, much more.

Special thanks to Marilyn Brown & Doug Morton, our Arts Core Program Area sponsors.