Hispanic & Latino Heritage Month | Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Celebrating Hispanic & Latino Heritage Month in our Clubs

September 15 to October 15 is nationally recognized as Hispanic & Latino Heritage Month! This month is a special time to recognize and celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans today and throughout history. This month our Clubs across Denver will celebrate with a variety of fun activities.   

Each day in our Clubs, our dedicated team members create environments where every kid can feel proud of their heritage and affirmed in their identity. 62% of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver kids identify as Hispanic or Latino. To celebrate Hispanic & Latino Heritage month, Club members will engage in Hispanic and Latino inspired activities and events including learning about their histories, culture, stories, music, art, and cuisine.  

Some of the activities and programs we have in store for this special month include: 

Culinary Adventures

Clubs will bring the flavors of different Hispanic cuisines to our Clubs by partnering with local restaurants to bring in a wide variety of Hispanic and Latino foods, including Argentinean, Salvadorian, Honduran, and Mexican dishes. Club members will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes and explore the diverse culinary traditions of Hispanic communities. 

Movie Nights

Some Clubs will host movie nights featuring beloved Hispanic-themed films, including "Selena," "Coco," "Encanto," "The Book of Life," and "Vivo." These screenings will provide a fun and entertaining way for our members to learn about Hispanic culture and history. 

Lotería Tournaments

Lotería, a traditional Mexican game similar to bingo, will be played at our Clubs, allowing kids to connect with a cherished cultural pastime while enjoying friendly competition. 

Celebrating Hispanic Icons

Club staff will highlight the achievements and contributions of Hispanic icons from various fields, such as art, music, sports, and science. This will inspire our Club members to dream big and believe in their own potential. 

We will share stories from around the Clubs all month long through our social media channels showcasing the Hispanic & Latino Heritage Month celebrations taking place at the Clubs! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more updates from our Clubs!