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Updates from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver CEO Erin Porteous

Our Compass is Set on Change

By Erin Porteous, CEO With autumn upon us, we find ourselves immersed in the cascade of changing seasons all around: cooler temperatures, leaves transforming and the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte at every coffee shop. Each year, we are granted these prescient moments to plan and reflect on the four cherished seasons upon which we have come to depend here in Colorado. As humans, we rely on these change-of-seasons, and their predictable evolution, to prepare for what’s coming next.   By Erin Porteous,

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The Role of Connection

By Erin Porteous, CEO As we prepare to round the corner on the second half of 2020, this young decade is already permanently marked by the unrelenting cruelties at large in the world and the worry that we will ever being safe from them. COVID-19. A weakened economy cast against a rancorous national election. A groundswell of resistance to our country’s long-held tether to racism

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