Volunteers make a tremendous difference in the lives of youth at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver and are vital to the success of our programs and special events. We invite you to learn more about how you can help kids build great futures. 

To become a volunteer with Boy & Girls of Metro Denver, inquire about training, requirements and upcoming opportunities, please contact volunteer@bgcmd.org.


Volunteer with Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro DenverIndividual Volunteerism

From coaching to science experiments to art projects to homework help, there are a variety ways individuals can volunteer with Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. We strive to connect all of our volunteers with opportunities that meet their interests while meeting the programmatic needs of the youth we serve. 

[learn_more caption=”The Commitment”]We are seeking volunteers that can commit to serving Mondays through Fridays for at least two hours between 3-9:00 p.m. throughout the entire school year. We ask that volunteers plan to attend the Club weekly and we’ve also found it best if you’re able to find a consistent day each week to serve in the Club. While this may seem strict, we do this so we can provide our Club members, many of whom are coming from chaotic and transient homes, with consistency and a sense of calm and trust. Volunteers who begin serving in the Clubs and earning members’ trust just offer up another let down to the members when they stop coming. We know an entire school year is a large commitment so we encourage you to please think carefully about whether this commitment level is realistic with your current and anticipated schedule.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”What We’re Looking For”]The ideal volunteer for the Boys & Girls Clubs is an engaging, high-energy, self-starter who has a passion for working with kids! The Clubs are fun, active environments with lots of different activities taking place at a given time. While there are adult and youth staff in each program area, they are often working with the youth leading programs and are not always able to stop what they’re doing to provide volunteers with specific details on their activity. Successful volunteers are those that are able to jump in and help with whatever activity is taking place with minimal direction.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Who We Cannot Work With”]Adults (those who are 21 and older) looking to fulfill a court appointed community service requirement are not eligible to complete their hours with the Boys & Girls Club. Also, all volunteers are background checked annually and if you have previously been convicted of any violent crimes, offences related to drugs or crimes against a child, you are not eligible to volunteer for Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. BGCMD does work with volunteers under the age of 18, however, they are not required to attend the volunteer training. Please contact me for more details related to engaging young people in service in the Clubs.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Where We are Located”]While Boys & Girls Clubs are located throughout town, there are some metro Denver communities that do not have Clubs nearby. Find out if there is a Club near you![/learn_more] 

[learn_more caption=”What to Expect”]The Club offers a fast paced, high energy environment with anywhere between 150 and 300 kids each day. Boys & Girls Clubs are drop in facilities so we cannot guarantee you’ll work with the same members each time you visit. Our goal is that you begin to build relationships with many of the wonderful young people you work with during your time in the Clubs.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”How You Can Get Started”]Volunteers with BGCMD are required to attend a training series to better understand the Clubs, our safety policies and our procedures for our volunteers. There are very limited trainings offered so please don’t delay in reaching out if you’re interested. We do also charge an one-time, non-refundable $30 Volunteer Application Fee to cover the costs associated with your training and background check. Payment will be collected at the time of registration for your Volunteer Training.[/learn_more]

Volunteer with Boys & Girls of Metro Denver

Volunteer Groups & Corporate Volunteerism

Every business can reap huge rewards by connecting employees to opportunities to engage with and improve their community. Company-sponsored volunteer activities are welcomed throughout the year at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. From skills-based opportunities to facilities maintenance to kickball with the kids, volunteer projects offer great team building engagements for your employees.


[learn_more caption=”Corporate Group Projects”]
Corporate Group Projects are perfect for companies, organizations and schools that would like to participate in a special activity at one of our Clubs. Not only do group projects provide an immediate benefit to the young people served by Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, but they can also be a great way to promote team-building, boost morale, or “cross-train” using new skills and experiences. Most importantly, they’re just plain fun!

Whatever your goals, our staff can help design and execute a customized project to align your company’s interests with the needs at our Clubs. Examples include ”Scrub-a-Club” clean up events, hosting special events for our Club members such as a Holiday Party, Arts & Crafts Day, or Sports & Fitness Field Day, leading a program in your group’s area of expertise such as music, dancing, photography, science, athletics, etc., planting a garden, and much more. Please allow at least three weeks notice between contacting us and the scheduled date of your project so that we can find the best Club match for you. To arrange a volunteer project, please email volunteer@bgcmd.org.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Volunteer Location”] We’ll work with you to pick a Club location that’s convenient for your group. However, since many of our groups come from downtown Denver, we’re always happy when groups can travel to make sure that every Club gets visited by awesome volunteers.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Weekend Activities”]Please know that the Clubs are not typically open on the weekends. However, we occasionally have special programs that happen on the weekends that may require volunteer assistance. If you want to arrange an event that would take place on a weekend, please set up a time to discuss your options with us.[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Costs”] The costs of each project vary with the scope of each activity. Just joining us for some fun in the Clubs using the space and materials we have available is the no-cost option for groups. If you and your team have resources available to support the project, and want to provide supplies for a special activity, we are happy to help you coordinate the activity. Sometimes, groups will collect supplies in a “drive” leading up to the event to create buy-in and excitement before the day of. If you want to provide snacks or meals for your employees or the kids, your company will be expected to cover those costs.[/learn_more]

Internship Opportunities
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver prides itself on being a community resource for youth philanthropy and civic engagement. We are also a resource for students who are seeking internships to gain experience in nonprofit administrative work and working directly with Club members through developing, planning and implementing youth programs. Learn more about internship opportunities » 


To become a volunteer with Boy & Girls of Metro Denver, inquire about training, requirements and upcoming opportunities, please contact volunteer@bgcmd.org.