Club Corps Volunteers

Examples of our Club Corps Volunteer opportunities include internships, Youth of the Year coaching, helping with our reading program every week, or coaching sports teams.


We are seeking volunteers that can commit to serving Mondays through Fridays for at least two hours between 3:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. throughout the entire school year.

We ask that volunteers plan to attend the Club weekly and we’ve also found it best if you’re able to find a consistent day each week to serve in the Club. While this may seem strict, we do this so we can provide our Club members, many of whom are coming from chaotic and transient homes, with consistency and a sense of calm and trust. Volunteers who begin serving in the Clubs and earning members’ trust just offer up another let down to the members when they stop coming.

We know an entire school year is a large commitment so we encourage you to please think carefully about whether this commitment level is realistic with your current and anticipated schedule.

What We are Looking For

The ideal volunteer for the Boys & Girls Clubs is an engaging, high-energy, self-starter who has a passion for working with kids! The Clubs are fun, active environments with lots of different activities taking place at a given time. While there are adult and youth staff in each program area, they are often working with the youth leading programs and are not always able to stop what they’re doing to provide volunteers with specific details on their activity. Successful volunteers are those that are able to jump in and help with whatever activity is taking place with minimal direction.

  • Adults (those who are 21 and older) looking to fulfill a court appointed community service requirement are not eligible to complete their hours with the Boys & Girls Club.
  • Also, all volunteers are background checked annually and if you have previously been convicted of any violent crimes, offences related to drugs or crimes against a child, you are not eligible to volunteer for Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver.
  • BGCMD does work with volunteers under the age of 18, however, they are not required to attend the volunteer training. Please contact me for more details related to engaging young people in service in the Clubs.

There are 15 Boys & Girls Club locations throughout the metro Denver area. Visit the Find A Club section of the website to review the Club locations.


The Club offers a fast paced, high energy environment with anywhere between 150 and 300 kids each day. Boys & Girls Clubs are drop in facilities so we cannot guarantee you’ll work with the same members each time you visit. Our goal is that you begin to build relationships with many of the wonderful young people you work with during your time in the Clubs.


Volunteers with BGCMD are required to attend a training series to better understand the Clubs, our safety policies and our procedures for our volunteers. There are very limited training opportunities offered so please don’t delay in reaching out if you’re interested. We do also charge an one-time, non-refundable $50 Volunteer Application Fee to cover the costs associated with your training and background check. Payment will be collected at the time of registration for your Volunteer Training

Please email us for more information about becoming a Club Corps Volunteer.