Health & Safety

Our comprehensive health and safety approach is modeled around State and Federal safety recommendations and procedures for social distancing, sanitation and health and wellness.

Parent/Caretaker Expectations

Parents and caregivers are asked to support the Club in providing a safe space for our members and staff by informing the Club of any changes to their child’s health or community exposure. If a child exhibits any symptoms of fever, runny nose, coughing, or shortness of breath, parents or caregivers are asked to keep them home until their symptoms have subsided and they have been fever–free for 72 hours without the assistance of medication. Parents or caregivers are expected to answer a health questionnaire daily upon drop-off and authorize the Club or its representatives to administer a daily temperature check on their child prior to admission into the program.

Member Expectations

Members participating in the program are expected to follow Club policies surrounding behaviors, hygiene, health practices, social distancing, and any recommendations outlined by the CDC. Members must be able to participate in the program at their designated workspace and follow instructions of Club Staff in order to ensure their safety. Members who show disregard for Club policies or exhibit intentional disruptive behavior may be asked to leave the program.

Use of Masks

Members and staff will be expected to wear masks while at the Clubs. Cloth masks will be washed daily and distributed to Club members who do not arrive with one.

Health Screenings

Staff and members will be screened daily before entering Club spaces. These screenings include a health questionnaire as well as a temperature check. Members who do not pass the health questionnaire, or who arrive at the Club with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be ask to return home until they have been fever and symptom–free for 72 hours without the assistance of medication.

What happens if your member gets sick/shows symptoms?

If a member develops a fever or symptoms, such as persistent coughing or sneezing, they will be separated from their program group. Their parents or guardians will be expected to pick them up from the Club within an hour, and they will be asked to return home until they are fever and symptom free for 72 hours without the assistance of medication.