BGCMD Mission Moment


Each summer, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver partners with Denver Public Schools to offer DPS Summer Academy, which provides students with a great opportunity for individualized instruction and focused lessons to further develop their literacy skills.

This year, we opened a new Summer Academy site at Colfax Elementary, led by staff member Breanna Murphy. Breanna said, “Coming to Colfax Summer Academy, my staff and I were rightfully nervous about starting a new program at a new school right after COVID restrictions were starting to be lifted.”

For Breanna and her staff, Summer Academy started off in a whirlwind of meeting principals, teachers, facilities managers, parents and kids. Though the first two days were slow, the program quickly grew and the immediate feedback from families was fantastic.

Breanna said, “We have received countless compliments from teachers and parents about how much fun their kids are having in Boys & Girls Club and the facilities manager has complimented my staff more than once.”

One child’s mother wrote to the staff saying, "He is loving the program - by far the best summer program we have put him in. I have paid a lot of money for summer tutoring programs and yet this one still beats those other programs! Big shout out to you and your staff! The bus guy who drops him off also is a wonderful man! Please make sure you give your staff a high five."

We are thrilled that our continuing partnership with Denver Public Schools allows us to reach youth all across our city, ensuring that Denver’s kids have the academic support and mentorship they need, all summer long.

The mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver is to provide our Club members with a safe, supportive, fun and enriching environment that inspires and empowers them to achieve their greatest potential.

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