In 2020, we were challenged – as a nation, a community, and an organization – to draw on our deepest reserves of resilience.

The negative impacts of the pandemic were felt disproportionately by the children and families we serve at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. But with the unwavering commitment of our staff, donors, partners, and supporters, we were able to respond, adapt and innovate to meet the urgent needs of our Club kids and our community.

Through our Club kids, we know healing can happen through connection and community. And we also know that, although a child’s inner light may dim, it can never be extinguished.

Today, we are proud to share our 2020 Annual Report.

More than any other time in our history, 2020 illustrated with absolute clarity that it takes a community of partners, supporters, and donors to keep that light alive. With humility and grace, we offer heartfelt gratitude for each of you. Because you supported our Club kids when their worlds – and yours – were turned upside down.

Our Clubs have always been a light in the darkness. And today, just like our Club kids, we are still shining.