Spaghetti, sauce and….marshmallows?? This doesn’t sound like an ideal recipe to eat, BUT these items are perfect for an engaging, fun STEM challenge for kids! DPR Construction, a tremendous partner of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, wanted to help provide our kids with a unique “Club on the Go” activity to start off the New Year – so we are honored to highlight DPR Construction as our Corporate Partner of the Month!

DPR Construction’s creative team came up with this educational challenge for our Club members to see who could build the tallest “spaghetti tower” in one hour using uncooked spaghetti, red sauce and marshmallows. More than 135 Spaghetti Tower Challenge kits were assembled and distributed out to Clubs, and they were very well received.

The Johnson Club got right to work on the challenge to help boost kids’ spirts. Salvae (8) told Mwadi (9), “Why don’t we do more activities like this? This is awesome!” After 30 minutes of building, members asked each other for feedback. Once the kids received their feedback, they went straight back into building; they all had different building techniques afterwards. When the hour was up, the members were able to step back and admire their work. The tallest tower built was by Selina with a height of 19 inches!

Over the past few years, the DPR Construction team has continued to go above and beyond to provide resources and support to Boys & Girls Clubs. We are very grateful for their investment in our programs, for providing training opportunities for our staff, and helping with specific Club projects. This year, DPR also partnered with us to fund and install a new shed at the Suncor Club to help store our growing collection of Outdoor Education program supplies!

A huge thank you to DPR Construction for not only investing in our programs and facility needs, but for providing engaging activities to keep our Club members busy and developing their critical thinking skills!