• There are FOURTEEN new activities designed specially for teens on MyFuture now, including NFL’s Youth for Change, Money Matters, and the Whatever It Takes Kindness Pledge. See them all now in the also new filtering feature at:



  • Easy Candy Corn Craft – This Halloween activity takes minimal supplies and is really easy to make!

Use your own creativity to create your own picture – Happy Halloween!

  • CUPCAKES WITH MS. JULIE and Julie’s mom. I hope you enjoy watching my goofy witch hat cupcakes!

This was my first time doing them, I really enjoyed making a mess, but the best part?


  • I was working in the lab, late one night, when my eyes beheld an eerie sight. This week is the last before All Hallows Eve. If you are looking for a different way to celebrate this year, try your hand at the following crafts!
    • Try this tried and true technique, wax resist! The process is simple. Draw your Halloween themed picture with crayon – be it a haunted house, scary cemetery, or just the ambience of that special night. Once complete, paint over it with watercolor. The was resists the paint, and pops out. Hint, hint…now’s the time to give that unused white crayon a spin 🙂 
    • Popsicle Stick Halloween Monster Truck – make it then go do donuts in the nearest graveyard. Dare ya!
    • This activity’s theme song is “The Monster Mash.” Try this recipe to make Mash Potato Play Dough! 





  • When times get tough, sometimes we just need a little pep talk!  Find inspiration and your ‘awesome,’ through this ‘Pep Talk,’ by the one and only, Kid President.
  • The link below provides several safety tips in English and Spanish on how to stay safe and still have FUN   on Halloween!



  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America have pulled together some Election Resources to support Club staff and youth during this election season, including webinars/trainings, guides for how to teach and talk about elections/civic engagement, and specifically “How to Talk to Youth about a Traumatic Election Season: A Guide for Club Staff.” 

Physical & Emotional Wellness

Youth Activism & Civil Discourse

Election Engagement