• What exactly is a cloud? According to NASA, a cloud is a mass of water drops or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Clouds form when water condenses in the sky. The condensation lets us see the water vapor. There are many different types of clouds. Clouds are an important part of Earth’s weather and climate!  Check out the instructions below and let’s make a ‘Cloud in a Jar!’ 
  • Here’s a fun Halloween twist on a classic science experiment for kids! Make your own Jack O’Lantern Lava Lamp! While it’s not a true lava lamp, the bubbles given off by the reaction create a really cool lava lamp effect!



  • Spooky Treats with Miss Ailin – Let’s make some Frankenstein Marshmallow pops! Easy to make, even easier to EAT!




  • What’s Your Name? Join Miss Ailin to spell out your full name to complete this FUN get up and get moving activity that anyone can do! Don’t forget to warm up with Panda –  


  • Getting up and moving is a great way to boost your energy! Try this hacky sack challenge.


  • Take a moment to destress and relax. Here is an easy to follow yoga lesson.