• Many of us have strong opinions about subjects we are passionate about, which is not a bad thing! However, it is important to learn how to respectfully discuss and debate these topics with others who may hold different points of view. This means no insults or personal attacks! Also, you should identify the factual reasons why you have a certain opinion (rather than only relying on your emotions). If you have the opportunity to be in a group setting, try out the Four Corners Game in the link below! Here is a debate topic to get you started: “Iron Man is not a real superhero, because he uses technology and has no superpowers.”

  • This week we are reading “Pigs Make Me Sneeze!” by Mo Willems. Gerald cannot stop sneezing! Could it be that he is allergic to his best friend?! We hope you enjoy the story, and learn not to jump to conclusions!

    • Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin- Everyone loves tacos and everyone loves dragons.  This book has lots of both to love.  I bet you didn’t know how much dragons love tacos, they love beef tacos, chicken tacos, great big tacos and even teeny-tiny tacos. Dragons can eat buckets and buckets of tacos. Dragons also love salsa on their tacos, that’s when things get interesting.  If a dragon accidently eats spicy salsa, oh boy, you are in for red-hot trouble!
    • Click on this link to listen to the story:
    • After you listen to the story, click on this link and find some tacolicious activities about dragons and tacos:


The fall season is upon us, which means cooler weather and hot chocolate!  Grab a couple of mugs, and some instant hot chocolate, and follow the instructions below to learn how water temperature affects the making of this sweet drink!


  • What do bubbles and snakes have in common?  Well, normally nothing…But, when you combine a used water bottle and dish soap, they have everything in common!  Follow Steve Spangler’s experiment, linked below, to create and watch your bubble snake come to life!







  • In this activity, children will learn about food webs, discovering the many ways that plants and animals of a forest ecosystem are connected. What is a food chain? It’s a simplified way of showing energy relationships between plants and animals in an ecosystem. What is a food map? It represents the interaction of many food chains in an ecosystem.  Click the link below to learn more!


  • This week is “Let’s Talk About Salt” with Cheryl “Salt” James from the iconic group, Salt-N-Pepa, to teach young people and families about salt consumption. This animated video uses music to teach youth about healthy eating and hypertension prevention. 



    • All public colleges and universities in Colorado and several private institutions will waive application fees to allow students to apply for free on Tuesday, October 13th! 
    •  Link for Free Application Day



  • If you think a kid or teen may be struggling, Mental Health America has a variety of free, confidential, and anonymous screening tools that can help determine if they may be experiencing signs of a mental health condition. Visit to get started. Once completed, screeners are given information about the next steps to take based on results.



  • It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month! From September 15 – October 15, we have the chance to recognize Hispanic-Americans and their incredible contributions to our culture, and to create an environment where our members and their families feel welcomed and celebrated. Need some ideas? Here’s a huge list of lessons, crafts, books, songs and videos!