• We hope you enjoy reading “I Love My New Toy!” by Mo Willems with us today. Find out what happens when Piggie gets an awesome new toy, and Gerald does not treat it gently…


  • We have heard that many of you are amazingly creative and are interested in learning how to make your own comic strips! Follow the simple steps in the article below to discover how to make a comic strip, and keep an eye out for character drawing tips, story ideas, and more. Don’t forget to share a photo of your creation in the comments!


  • A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

This is a great book to learn about being unique, being yourself.  In this book, Camilla Cream worried a lot about what other people thought of her and you will never guess what happened to her when she couldn’t stop thinking about the other kids at school.  Finally Camilla learns that it is okay to be yourself, to like things that other people may not like, to be good at something that other people may think is strange or different and to not worry about what other people think.


  • In 1971, the United States lowered the voting age from 21 years old to 18. Is it time we lower the voting age again? Check out this Time for Kids article where two TFK reporters debate whether or not the voting age should be lowered to 16. Join the debate and let us know what you think in the comments!














  • All public colleges and universities in Colorado and several private institutions will waive application fees to allow students to apply for free on Tuesday, October 13th! 

  • TEDxMileHigh has a few upcoming free and virtual Adventures for middle and high school aged students. Adventures are a way to explore big ideas in interactive and hands-on ways. You can learn more about all upcoming youth Adventures at, but here is a preview: 
  • Upcoming Adventures:
  • Level Up Your Athletic Performance (coming early October)
  • Find Your Creative Voice (coming mid-October)
  • Sign up for Meet Your Mind to access free video lessons, teaching plans, and resources for educators tailored for middle and high school students. Meet your mind will explore how youth can build their brain power, just like any muscle. 



  • Some people are experiencing new emotions and feelings because of the pandemic. Make sure to check in on your #mentalhealth at in case what you are experiencing are symptoms of a mental health condition. This website has 10 online screening tools, including one that is youth-focused and one for parents. Once you get the results, you’ll be provided with more information and help to figure out next steps. #CopingDuringCOVID #BackToSchool2020



  • It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month! From September 15 – October 15, we have the chance to recognize Hispanic-Americans and their incredible contributions to our culture, and to create an environment where our members and their families feel welcomed and celebrated. Need some ideas? Here’s a huge list of lessons, crafts, books, songs and videos!