• Feeling down? Raise your spirits by making a vision board! Essentially, it’s a simple collage (or collection) of photos, or anything that makes you happy. Learn more and find instructions below!
  • The Masloppy Family is trying to get more organized by counting everything in their house. Try counting the things at your house! How many stuffed animals do you have? How many forks? How many shirts? What else can you count?


  • Journaling is a great way to express yourself and explore new ideas. Grab a piece of paper and something to write with and try one of these journal prompts!
    • SPANISH: Escribir un articulo para un diario es una excelente manera de expresarse y explorar nuevas ideas. ¡Toma un pedazo de papel y algo para escribir y prueba con uno de estos mensajes para el diario!
      • Me siento seguro cuando …
      • ¿Cuándo te sientes orgulloso de ti mismo?
      • Escribe sobre una persona que admiras. ¿Qué cualidades tienes en común con esta persona?
    • I feel safe when…
    • When do you feel proud of yourself?
    • Write about a person you admire. What qualities do you have in common with this person?


  • Natural disasters are sudden events that can cause major, widespread catastrophe. Learn how we can prepare for natural disasters early and limit the damage done. With your family, start creating a ‘Disaster Kit’ for your own home. In this video it will explain what you can put in the kit and try and think of other materials that your family would need during a devastating natural disaster.
  • Annie Sunbeam and Friends are protecting life below water! Check out this cool comic book to start to understand why we need to protect life below water, what we can do, and what will happen if we do not do so. This site can be changed to your language preference so you can easily navigate it. There are other cool comics on this site related to you and nature, so take time to read more than just one.


  • Celebrate national ice cream month by making your own ice cream in a bag! Delicious, and perfect for our hot Denver summer. Also, did you know that ice cream is a compound? Once all of the ingredients are mixed together, they are chemically combined and cannot be easily separated! Find out more about the science behind ice cream (along with a recipe!) here:
  • Have you ever wanted to see what a pilot or astronaut sees when they are flying an aircraft or spaceship? Well, now is your chance to go virtually into the “eyes in the sky” and imagine you are the pilot, co-pilot or astronaut. The future is YOURS! Select your interest and from the selections, explore inside the aircraft or spacecraft, click through the collections, exhibits, and galleries. Let your mind wander into the possibilities of the future. Go explore!





  • “The Kid Should See This” site has tons of kid friendly videos for curious minds!  The videos span a variety of areas: science, art, tech, space, animals, food, history, and more. Go to the website, search for your favorite category, and see what you can learn!