• Mad Libs Vacation: Get a friend or family member to help you create a silly story about a summer vacation with this Mad Libs sheet. One person is the writer; the writer will ask the other person for different adjectives, nouns, verbs, and other words needed to fill in the blanks. After you’ve filled in all the blanks, read your silly story aloud together!
  • Remember a noun is a person, place, or thing. An adjective is a word that describes. A verb is an action. If it says “plural” that means more than one.



  • The past few months of social distancing have been a unique time for all of us, to say the least. Here’s a challenge: use just six words to describe what this time has meant to you. For example, Krishna from India says, “So much more time to read!” Check out the article below for more information on the origin of this challenge:





  • Have you heard of Sudoku puzzles, but are nervous to try one because you feel it may be too difficult? Well, we have found some “Kidoku” puzzles that are a great way for you to get started! Hope you enjoy these fun puzzles:










  • You are  what you eat!  Follow along on this cool & catchy interactive dance video that makes us think about making healthier food choices every day! “Eat your broccoli”







  • The Safe Zone project is a free online resource for creating powerful, and effective LGBTQ+ awareness and training workshops. (Participant & Staff Guides available for download)