• Tar Beach is a book about a third grade girl named Cassie Louise Lightfoot, who one night while lying on “Tar Beach” decides she wants to be free to go where she wants. Cassie imagines herself flying all over New York City. What is interesting about this book, Tar Beach, is that it was originally a piece of art before it was a book. Faith Ringgold created a quilt, painted it, and then added her story to it. That quilt is now on display at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Join Faith Ringgold as she reads her book, Tar Beach.


  • Following last week’s article about the protests occurring across the nation (demanding justice for black Americans), this week we are highlighting Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 March on Washington. He called for equality for all then, and we are still working toward that becoming a reality today:


My Dad Samantha Parsons.mp4 

You can take an AR quiz on this book at:



  • Who doesn’t love slime?! Click the link below for an easy ocean-themed slime recipe, along with some information on the science behind it! Fun fact: slime is not really a liquid or a solid. It is called a non-Newtonian fluid because it’s a little bit of both!





  • 7 Fun and Easy Father’s Day Crafts for Kids: Whether you are making this for your Dad, or another special Father Figure in your life, here are some easy and fun craft ideas you can make yourself to give as a special surprise!


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Black Lives Matter/Juneteenth:

  • (Teens specifically) This Black Youth Town Hall, facilitated by the Youth Mentoring Action Network, is a youth-led community dialogue aimed at supporting youth as they process recent events & the state of race relations. This would be a great way to engage teens around these conversations!  



Food and Entertainment:

  • This Kahoot was created as a request from my teen members. They had so much fun playing the first one in our LIVE programming and that they wanted a sequel – So here it is Famous Dogs part 2…


  • Yum – Peanut Butter Cookies! One recipe for us and one for our furry friends.