ViewHouse features Club member art on billboards 

Twelve-year-old Eveleen doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but in December, her artwork was seen by almost 250,000 people every week. ViewHouse selected Eveleen’s artwork to promote their restaurants, as well as Boys & Girls Clubs, on two billboards in Denver.

“I didn’t think it was going to happen,” said Eveleen. “Seeing my art on that billboard was amazing.”

ViewHouse asked Club members throughout the metro area to submit artwork to be featured in their campaign. Eveleen carefully sketched burgers, fries and a drink, before shading in shadows and adding color. And while you won’t find it on the ViewHouse menu, she added a rainbow-colored ice cream sandwich for dessert.

“It’s important that Boys & Girls Clubs have art programs because it gives everyone the chance to make something unique and interesting,” Eveleen said. “With the billboard, I got an opportunity that I never thought I’d have.”

Eveleen has a long history of art projects at the Club, including a highly-detailed clay flower and an Easter Hat parody of the legendary painting “The Scream.” She spends time at every program throughout the Club, but she keeps coming back to art.

“Eveleen has a bubbly personality,” explained Cultural Art Specialist Julie Stevenson. “She’s always randomly sketching and making things. She’s always smiling and having fun. She’s been able to spend time and figure out art for herself.”

According to Stevenson, Eveleen is a role model for younger kids. “When they see her sketching, they want to try it. When she was making a flower out of clay, they wanted to make flowers too. When she works hard, they want to work hard.”

“It’s important that Boys & Girls Clubs have art programs because it gives everyone the chance to make something unique and interesting.”

– Eveleen

The Club’s art program has helped Eveleen succeed at school, both in art and other subjects. She recently took a tech class where she used her drawing skills to sketch designs for a working catapult.

“This program isn’t just good for art,” said Stevenson. “It’s important to be creative and use your imagination. It’s good for writing essays. It’s good for other skills too. Kids get to find themselves. They get to find their creativity and expand their understanding of ideas. There’s a lot of pressure on kids these days. The Boys & Girls Club helps them navigate that and find their own path.”

Every day when Eveleen comes to the Boys & Girls Club, she’s discovering her potential by taking advantage of every opportunity. Be on the lookout for Eveleen’s artwork on the ViewHouse billboards at Federal Blvd. and Colfax Ave. and Federal Blvd. and 62nd Ave.