Meet Karol – the 2017 Colorado State Youth of the Year Winner

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This year’s Statewide Youth of the Year winner exemplifies how Boys & Girls Clubs help mold youth into high-achieving leaders. In the nine years that Karol has been attending the Suncor Boys & Girls Club, she has grown to become a hardworking and driven student that has high expectations for her future.

“The Club has taught me to never give up on my dreams,” said Karol. “Whenever I question my abilities and begin to doubt myself, the Club always reassures me that in the end I will be successful.”

This is a lesson that Karol noticeably has taken to heart. Growing up as the eldest of three in a bilingual household with Hispanic parents, Karol is well aware of cultural stereotypes. At times she has felt trapped within the confines of her heritage losing hope and motivation to purse her dreams. Luckily, Club staff members have continuously been there for her serving as both mentors and friends, providing her with the inspiration to realize her true potential.

“The Club has been my safe haven for the past nine years,” said Karol. “It has provided me with almost a decade of memories, academic support and life-changing opportunities. It is where I learned about sportsmanship, crafted my sense of individuality and developed my unique leadership style through serving as a Peer Leader and the Keystone President.”

In pursuit of creating a promising future, Karol holds strong to her motto of giving 100% of her effort, 100% of the time. Most recently, she accomplished her goal of getting accepted into the prestigious six-week pre-collegiate Journalism Program at New York University. Karol attests accomplishments like this to the support that she has received at the Suncor Boys & Girls Club. It is support that she wishes to pass on to her younger peers.

“When I cook with the younger Club members during the Healthy Lifestyles programming and when I spend time in the Learning Center helping kids read, it is never about the actual cooking or reading,” mentioned Karol. “I want to encourage others to dream big as well. I wish to influence others to believe in themselves and to never give up.”

This fall, Karol will graduate as an AP Honors student at the top of her class from Adams County High School with high hopes of furthering her education and pursuing a degree in Journalism and International Relations. Karol’s dedicated academic drive recently led her to become the recipient of the Daniels Fund Scholarship which will fully cover tuition costs for a university of her choosing! 

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