Corporate Partner of the Month: Ardent Mills

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This month, we are excited to celebrate Ardent Mills as an outstanding corporate partner! As we head into summer and gear up for the start of Gates Camp, we couldn’t be more thankful for the support of Ardent Mills, whose investment in our camp enables us to continue to provide this opportunity to over 500 campers each year. In addition, Ardent Mills nourishes our Boys & Girls Clubs community by helping to fund part of our Healthy Lifestyles programming, helping to teach Club members how to make smart nutritional, mental, emotional, and physical decisions.

Their generosity does not stop there. Groups of enthusiastic volunteers visited several of our Clubs last month to prepare our gardens for spring, teach our kids how to make pizza, and participate in an active and fun kickball competition! Ardent Mills team’s commitment to our youth is critical to providing our Club members with these exciting and new experiences. To celebrate our partnership and the youth we serve together, Ardent Mills also sponsors our annual gala.

We are proud to recognize Ardent Mills as our exceptional Corporate Partner of the Month and are grateful for their dedication to building a meaningful, multifaceted partnership that enhances the quality of life and health of our community!