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Health & Life Skills

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver focuses on Health & Life Skills programming for all Club members by educating young people that informed decisions about health and social issues can mean the difference between a life with limited options, and a life filled with hope. Programs include drug, alcohol, tobacco and early onset sexual activity prevention, positive decision making, healthy habits, exercise, nutrition, diversity, gender specific issues, and conflict resolution.

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Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program (TOP®) is an evidence-based best practice program that empowers teens to lead successful lives and build strong communities. This 9 month youth development program combines community service, service learning and classroom learning initiatives for specifically targeted age groups. The goal of TOP® is to delay adolescent sexual activity. TOP® is nationally recognized as a program that delivers real results by focusing on these key elements: Values Clarification, Relationships, Communication/Assertiveness, Influence, Goal-Setting, Decision-Making, Human Development and Sexuality, and Community Service Learning.

SMART Moves Program (Skills Mastery And Resistance Training): This nationally-acclaimed comprehensive prevention program helps young people resist alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, as well as premature sexual activity. SMART Moves features engaging, interactive small group activities designed to increase participants’ peer support, enhance life skills, build resiliency and strengthen leadership skills. The program’s components include:

  • SMART Kids, for children ages 6-9
  • Start SMART, for youth ages 10-13
  • Stay SMART, for youth ages 14-18

All modules of this program address age-appropriate issues to help youth make wise choices, adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors and develop positive character traits.

Smart-Girl: This 60-hour, activity-based program supports and inspires girls, ages 11-13, to make smart choices and become confident, capable and self-reliant young women.

Outdoor Education: Bringing the philosophies learned at Gates Camp back to metro Denver, Outdoor Education programming seeks to expose Club members to the resources available to them in urban and wilderness environments through experiential learning activities. Activities such as outdoor rock climbing, snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, camping, geocaching, fishing, mountain biking, rafting, and hands-on educational experiences heighten participants’ awareness of outdoor activities and resources available to them in not only in their Club neighborhood’s, but in the great Colorado wilderness.

Draw the Line/Respect the Line (DTL):  This evidence-based, abstinence-focused program focuses on developing middle school youth’s interpersonal skills by promoting good decision making, and overall pregnancy prevention skill-building. DTL is implemented for gender and age specific groups; 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade. The program is designed to address the whole youth by addressing issues of adolescent life by:

  • Enabling young people to make healthy life choices
  • Supporting their passage into positive adulthood
  • Assisting youth in developing healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Stressing that postponing sexual activity is the best plan
  • Discussing social pressures, challenges to personal limits, and communication and refusal skills
  • Seeking to delay middle school-aged youth onset of sexual activity

Healthy Lifestyles High Yield Learning Activities: Health HYLAs get members to take a deeper look at how health ties into their lives. Using fun activities, health staff teach youth the importance of being informed consumers (how to read a nutrition label), critical thinkers (who’s making money off me if I buy tobacco products), and active decision makers when it comes to their own health.

9Health Fair: Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver participates in the 9Health Fair “In the Classroom” program each year. Teen members, along with community partners within the public health and prevention fields, host fun, educational booths at Boys & Girls Clubs and invite students from local schools to attend. This popular event combines peer leadership, professional expertise and interactive learning in a forum designed to encourage young people to make healthy choices.

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